Jeanne Enters Troyes Without a Battle!

By Joan

It’s Friday October 25 2012, and we’re in Troyes, a city with an incredibly well preserved medieval centre. It almost feels that we’re back in the 15th century as we explore the old parts of the city so Jeanne seems very present. Our hotel is a converted cloth factory, a beautifully built structure on the edge of the old town.

Jeanne came here with the dauphin on their way to Rheims for the coronation. The people of Troyes weren’t sure if they wanted to ally themselves with Charles and wanted to delay a decision in order to see what kind of deal the Duke of Burgundy would offer. After five days of waiting and with the troops starving, Charles and his councillors wanted to return to base. Jeanne insisted that they prepare to fight if they were denied immediate entry into the city. She persuaded the dauphin and, with the threat of fighting, the citizens of Troyes opened the city gates and swore allegiance to Charles. The royal army entered the city, another step, with no bloodshed, on their way to Rheims.

Once again Jeanne showed her incredible ability to take a clear stand and follow her convictions. I’m amazed! I think of Durga, the Hindu goddess, riding on her ferocious lion to destroy the buffalo headed demon and restore harmony to the world. Jeanne has fierce Durga energy. And I think of Malala, the Pakistani girl taking a stand against the Taliban, risking her life for the right of women to receive an education. On the news yesterday, her father said that when Malala fell, Pakistan stood. The world needs these Durga women!

Troyes as of 1695, as it must have looked in Jeanne d’Arc’s Era

Troyes, 1429

Where Jeanne Stayed when in Troyes

The Citizens of Troyes Paying Allegiance to the Dauphin Charles

St. Paul Cathedral in Troyes where the infamous Treaty of Troyes was signed in 1420 giving the affiliation of the city to the English King, and where Jeanne and the Dauphin received the fealty of the citizens on July 10, 1429

 Troyes, October 26, 2012 

Cathedral Stain Glass Windows

Basilique St. Urbain

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