At St. Etienne Cathedral, Metz

By Joan Gamble

Today, October 21, we went to the Metz Cathedral to start our day. I lit a candle for my niece Jenny who died 13 years ago today. The cathedral is quite spectacular, with an incredibly high vaulted ceiling, beautiful stained glass windows, including several by Chagal. The sun was streaming through the windows as we entered and a visiting choir made the mass feel special, allowing the sacredness of the space to come alive.
This cathedral was built in the 12th and 13th centuries so was here in Joan of Arc’s time and though she never came to Metz, it is a mere 150 km from her birth place of Domremy. I think of her and her incredible devotion from an early age, born seemingly with the purpose of liberating France from the English and thereby bringing an end to the oppression of the 100 years war.
The priest spoke today of humility and surrender as the way to divine union. I wonder what humility means and get a sense as I focus inward and feel connected to Jenny, my brother Bob, his wife Loretta, sister Kuluk and brother Alastair. Our Joan of Arc tour has begun on this appropriately sacred note.

The Nave, St. Etienne Cathedral

West Entrance

Chagal Stained Glass Windows

Flying Butresses

Angel Playing the Organ, South Entrance

 St. Etienne Cathedral, Metz, France

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